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KDP Rocket is a great tool! Although I can't give it credit for helping me increase profitability of my KDP ads, I sincerely believe the program does have value.

I purchased it. I tried it several times. I couldn't figure it out. Then I started reading the reviews. There were too many people that felt strongly about it for me to give up. I watched a few of the videos. I figured out how to use the keyword search. I have been using the KDP Ads. I decided to alter my ad and use the KDP Rocket formula.

1. I removed some of the keywords that were costing me too much money to keep.

2. I added some that I would never have thought of, that were recommended by Publisher Rocket.

UPDATE: While it is also worth noting that I have recovered the cost of my purchase for the Rocket program by using some of Rocket's great tips. However, I have not made a profit with KDP Ads using the Rocket method.


NOTE: I generated some results with the KDP Ads by adding every key word I could think of that related to my book. I monitored it daily, and shut down any that were too costly. However, I have continued to spend money, trying to make money.


SUMMARY: I still believe Rocket is worth the $100 that I spent to buy it. You need to watch EVERY video. For a newbie, they can be overwhelming. I had to watch a few of them several times. Rocket has numerous great tips that I would never have known about or considered. However, I believe if you continue to watch their videos, there is valuable information in them.

I would give them a MUST BUY!


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