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A Daughter's Story

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WiX - 

I have created a few websites through the years, but I am certainly no expert. After publishing my first book, I thought a website would be another way to generate sales. I tried every website builder I could find, but they were either too technical or too limited for my needs. Then I tried WiX. It works on a drag-and-drop system. You can select pages, page parts, and just about anything else you want to add. If you are looking for a super simple site builder, I suggest you check them out. My site doesn't scratch the surface of WiX's capabilities. I love them!

For more information about WiX'S FREE Website Builder - Visit:

This site was created using WiX.

HostGator -

I used HostGator for the other sites I  created. They have always served me well. 

For more information about HostGator website hosting services:

Website hosting services for this site are provided by HostGator.

Upwork -

When I was searching for someone to edit my book, I found Upwork's online.  You can search for the service you need and they provide various applicants to choose from. Each one provides a resume along with the pricing for your project. I was pleased with the service of the editor I selected.


NOTE: Sadly, I learned the hard way that there are many types of editing services. Educate yourself on the various methods so you make sure that what you purchase meets your expectations:


Line, Copy, Structural, Developmental, Editorial, Proofreading, Facting-Finding Verification, & Substantive.

To View Upwork services:

Publisher Rocket -

They have an invaluable software program that helps you select categories and keywords. It includes a list of books in each category showing your competitor's ranking. The owner Dave Chesson will also explain in detail the above eight methods of editing services.  This is a resource worth checking out!

To View Publisher Rocket:

Kindle E-readers -

When I was searching for an E-reader, to my surprise I found that Amazon has an E-reader Comparison Chart. There are so many selections. I found this tool very useful. There is something here for everyone. 

To View more information about Amazon E-Readers:

NOTE: I do not benefit from the above referrals.

My BLOG was created to share my experience with the hope of helping others. The above has also been included for the same reason.  

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