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Just an FYI for those that are considering using them. I sent them everything so bookstores could purchase my book from them. No guarantees. However, bookstores won't know my book is available unless I have Ingram Sparks place an ad in their catalog (cost $85). I paid $85. I waited and waited. It's been almost four months. When I inquired again today, the rep told me it takes 3-4 months. I wish they had told me before so I wouldn't have constantly pestered them. Anyway, if you are considering using Ingram Sparks for book distribution in stores, wait before you start calling them about your ad. Don't start calling until the fourth month.

UPDATE: The ad did nothing for me. I have generated minimal sales from Ingram Sparks. My guess is that you will need to work hard to focus on them, so they can generate sales for you.

Ingram Sparks also has a HOW-TO section on their website. Just like Amazon, they have a lot of wonderful information available to authors that want to self-publish.

They have a FREE GUIDE that you can download.


SUMMARY: Learning Amazon's KDP has been time consuming. I don't think focusing on both of these would be helpful. I feel more comfortable focusing on one at a time. I set up the account with Ingram Sparks, and there it sits. Someday, I hope to find out more about their promotional methods.

UPDATE: Ingram Sparks insisted that their authors also allow them to sell their Ebook. That would have been in conflict with the agreement that I made with Amazon. I rarely had any sales with them, so I weighed my options and decided there was no other option for me. My book is no longer available through Ingram Sparks.

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