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Deciding whether or not to create an audio book was difficult for me.

I finally decided that I should have one created. ACX was a well-known name. I don't know if they are better than other companies doing the same work, but I selected them because I used Amazon for the book, and ACX was an Amazon company. They walked me through everything and made the process very simple. There were many narrators to choose from. I selected Michella Moss. She did a 15 min narration of my book. I approved it. Then she completed the entire book.

Meella with 99Designs created my book cover. Then she resized it for my audio book jacket. She gave it to me within a couple of days. She continues to be one of my favorite service providers. View professional designs from Meella at:

ACX sent me an email to let me know my audio book was done. It currently has a 4.4 audio book rating and has continued to bring in sales. I recovered the money that I spent on creating the audio book long ago.

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS A Daughter's Story is now available on audio book.

NOTE: If people don't like the narrator of your book, the listener may not give your book a great review. This part concerns me. If your book is getting great reviews, but someone listens to the audio book and isn't impressed with the narrator, they can give your book a bad review. So far, to my knowledge it has only happened once, but it concerned me. Fortunately, others that have listened to her still love the book. This is simply a reminder to be careful which narrator you select for your book. Make sure they are the right narrator for your genre and skilled enough to do a good job. I didn't select the cheapest one. I selected the one I thought would do a good job on my genre and content.



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